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Absorber Material

Electro Grade -Copper-Copper

Absorber Coating

Selectively Coated Continuous Electroplating of Black Chrome over nickel substrate on Copper sheet of 0.2mm thickness with heat treatment to withstand temperature up to 300o c

Optical Properties

Absorptivity = 0.92±0.02, Emissivity = 0.12= 0.02

Riser Tubes

Copper tube of Diameter 12.5mm ± 0.5 mm, Thickness 0.56 mm

Header Tubes

Copper tube of Diameter 25mm ±0.5mm, Thickness 0.71 mm

Bonding Between Riser & Header


Binding between Fin & Tube

Ultrasonic / Laser Welding

Back Insulation

Resin bonded Rock wool of 48/m3

Collector Box

100mm X 25mm Aluminum channel, Thickness 1.63mm

Collector Stand

Corrosion resistant Coated MS


Toughened glass, Thickness 4mm with low Iron Transitivity> 85% @ near normal incidence

Retainer Angle for Glass

Aluminum Angle , size 25mm X 25mm X 1.6mm

Beading for Glass

EPDM Rubber

Absorber Area

2sq. meter ± 0.2 sq. meter / Collector

Collector Tilt

24.5o to HORIZON for places Located between 12o North and 15o South

Heat Transfer Medium


Collector Area

2.03 sq meter

Number of Fins


Maximum Working Pressure

245 kpa(5 to 6 kg)


Length -2030mm, Breadth -1030mm, Height -100mm


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